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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the limit on purchasing tickets per person

PLATINUM 2 tickets / VVIP 2 tickets

*SNAPSHOT Standard PACKAGE 5 tickets per city

*SNAPSHOT Standard 5 tickets percity per Member

*SNAPSHOT Premium PACKEGE 5 tickets per city

*SNAPSHOT Premium 5 tickets per city per Member

*Selfie 1 ticket per city

What does "Fanchat " mean?

If you have purchase a PLATINUMP ticket, You wil receive an autograph (with your name) while chatting with one ONF member of you choice of 60 seconds(1min)

What is "Fansign"?is it possible to chat during the fan signig event?

Yes, you can talk to the members but it needs to be only a quick greeting. Unfortunately, there is not time for a chat because we have to keep the line steadily moving to get through everyone and stay one time for the event.We need everyone to cooperate with this to keep the line moving. thank you for your cooperation!

I bought Standard 5 tickets ,Premium 5 tickets and 5 standard /premium package or more per member Snapshot tickets

If you have more than per member Standard 5 tickets,5 Premium tickets and 5+5 packages, you will be confiscated and expelled if found. request a refund on the ticket site Refund processed within 24hours .if 24 hours pass after ticket purchase .no refund will be processed

Can i take a picture with a member without buying a concert ticket?

No.all entry into the venue, including for Snapshots,requires a concert ticket purchase

Can i bring my own items to be signed?

YES if you are bringing their albums. you can also get Excusive Merch and Albums at the Fan Sign (ONLY FRONT PAGE)

Can I bring Gift to the Artists?

Please NOTE, all gift should be given to the Staff at the event, not to the artists directly. If you violate this, your ticket will be canceled and you will be escorted off the premises.

Will ibe able to take pictures of the artist at the Fansign while waiting for my turn?

We would like to ask all of attendees to keep cameras off during the Fan Sign and when the artist present, also, while waiting for their turn. You are welcome to take pictures at a photo zone that will be prepared!

Please, keep in mind, we would like to request that all attendees be respectful towards one another and the artists.

I want to take a selfie with 3 people(A friend or Family member) possible?

Yes. It is possble, but each friend or family member must have one selfie ticket



Only Exceptions to this rule:

  • Cancellations requested within the 24 hour grace period, as previously mentioned
  • Tickets bought for a tour that gets canceled

Refunds are automatically issued to the original payment method used to make the purchase. We can not change the form of payment. 

The ONLY time refunds are NOT ALLOWED even within our 24 hours grace period is if you take advantage of our grace period. Purchasing a Top Tier Ticket to an existing concert in order to take advantage, or receive Early Access status to qualify for an upcoming tour's EARLY ACCESS sale IS NOT ALLOWEDAny individual who request a cancellation within our grace period, for an order that granted them EARLY ACCESS status, their status will be removed unless they had Early Access status from a previous event they attended. 


If you miss any Fan Engagements, you DO NOT qualify for a refund. It is your own responsibility, as a ticket holder, to check what is included with your ticket and make sure you are aware of the timeline.

The Timeline of the Concert Day is released on our social media channels ABOUT 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE START OF THE ENTIRE TOUR.

It is your responsibility to make sure you arrive in time to check-in and line up for your fan engagements as there is ample time given to arrive and/or ask staff members for help if confused on site.

As notified within the ticket description on ALL ticketing pages of JNBCANADA.COM (in addition to ticket PDFs if ticket is bought directly on JNBCANADA.COM ):  Follow our social media platforms in order to stayed updated about the show and tour. ALL information will be posted across our social media pages such as concert day schedules and immediate updates. If you do not follow us on social media, you will not be up to date on any information we release about the tour.


Cancellation for an existing order made on JNBCANADA.COM can only be done if REQUESTED within 24 HOURS from when the order was initially placed. Within this grace period, please contact JNBCANADA2022@GMAIL.COM with the email connected to your tickets account used to place your order.

Failure to contact JNBCANADA2022@GMAIL.COM within 24 hours of placing the order will make you ineligible for cancellation.

Once the order has been canceled, please wait 5-7 business days for the amount to be credited back to you and to appear in your statement. If you DO NOT see the refund reflected in your account, please contact your BANK.

Please keep in mind that if you purchased your tickets from a third party, the this policy does not apply to you. Possible third party websites could be AXS, Ticket master, Live Nation, or another site the Venue is using to sell tickets.

What is the order of entry?

When purchasing tickets, enter in order of ticket number. ex)#1~#100
However, there are exceptions. If you are a special customer of J&B and wear a J&B invitation wristband, even if it is your last number, you can enter in a separate line.

How are J&B's invitation customers selected?

We select a small number of people or groups that meet our regulations, such as purchase history, reviews, and sponsorships, and provide benefits such as gifts or priority admission to each event hosted by our company, regardless of ticket level.


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